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Grannie Saved Her Great Grandchild

Every statement in this website is well documented.  The Franklin County Case number is 09-DR-4727.  


Information on this website including files, transcripts, bar complaints, letters of complaint, pleadings, GAL reports, police reports, stolen emails, and letters to judges etc... were sent to the following:

 U.S. Attorney's Office - Southern District

     303 Marconi Blvd.  Ste 200

     Columbus, Ohio 43215


My name is "Grannie" and my email address is granniesavingkids@gmail.com. You are welcome to share your story. It will remain confidential. But, most of the information you need to protect yourself and your child is on this website. My firm and consistent advice is ALWAYS tell the truth.  

There are eight grandchildren and so far fifteen great-grandchildren in our family. I am a college graduate.  I insisted on this website in order to protect physically and sexually abused children. This website was also created to protect this family from retaliation that began immediately when "grey-area" sexual abuse was uncovered in the divorce/custody case 09-DR-4727.

From the outset, I want you to know the GOOD NEWS is that the divorce/custody case settled in the mother's favor.  The child is no longer complaining about "grey-area" sexual abuse, although there are other complaints and concerns.  Franklin County Juvenile Public Defender Edward Gemmer was forced to STOP his inappropriate behavior. The mother and this family did not allow the child to be thrown under the bus. The outrageous lies Edward Gemmer told in Franklin County Domestic Courts were just amazing. He thought it was amusing to deceive the court while abusing the child in grey-areas during bath and bedtime which is where most sexual abuse occurs. This is why this website is important. The child had to tell on him repeatedly and this should not have happened.  What Edward Gemmer tried to get away with completely undermined the integrity of the court system. He is cunning, dishonest, and he pled the Fifth repeatedly.  But by the end of the case, Edward Gemmer received therapy for some undisclosed emotional problem, and he signed a shared parenting plan that prohibits the inappropriate conduct that was brought against him.  

Edward and his father Gary Gemmer were the only people requested by the Columbus police and children services to NOT have contact with the child during the sexual abuse investigation. 

Tampa Attorney Ali Shakoor was essential in protecting his niece from "grey-area" sexual abuse, and this is despite malicious efforts by Attorney Joseph Nigh and GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher to destroy his legal career with a false bar complaint when they lied in order to protect Edward Gemmer.  Edward Gemmer was not worth the trouble or the money his parents were paying out. Fabricated GAL Fisher reports, lies in pleadings and Joseph Nigh's false "evidence" when questioning the child's therapist is what is on the record about Ohio's corruption. The Florida Bar determined that Ali Shakoor was upset and too emotional, but that he was not "dishonest" or "selfish" in his motives.  

No one in this family was ever accused of wrong doing by anyone other than Edward Gemmer's legal team Nigh and Fisher.  They corrupted the court proceedings and caused errors on the bench.

This family asked for an investigation of 09-DR-4727. We are the ones who insisted on investigations by children services, the Columbus Police, the Attorney General's  Office, the Proscutor's Office and the FBI. We sent letters to Ohio Legislators and to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Ohio and Washington D.C.  WE ARE TRANSPARENT.  No family should go through what the mother and this family experienced.  

More Ohio attorneys need to speak up and file complaints with the U.S. Attorney's Office, especially if they are threatened or bullied by Joseph Nigh, an attoney who deliberately put forth false evidence.  Nigh is a disgrace to the legal profession.

 If Edward Gemmer was innocent there would have no need for all the lies, pleading the Fifth, fabricated GAL reports, and false evidence when questioning the child's therapist.

When all is said and done, the root cause is MONEY.  The messier the case the more money is made.  GAL Fisher created a problem by instigating and taking sides.  She made the mistake of involving our family and DID NOT investigate.  She fabricated her reports.  

In the middle of the hearing Joseph Nigh placed Magistrate Elliott's name on a false bar complaint against Florida Attorney Ali Shakoor. He contaminated the entire proceeding, because then it was RIGGED.

Children need advocates and not greedy attorneys and GALs willing to fabricate reports in order to taint witnesses, in an effort to destroy the child's credibility while abuse and neglect continues. This is unacceptable and morally wrong.  The mother and this family refused to accept lies and corruption in the court system.  You should not either.  Children need protection not unethical games. 

 ALERT: Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer involved attorneys, GALs, children service workers, and his workplace, rather than take responsibility for his conduct.  It is his lies that hurt professionals and their careers when he created ethical problems for them.  He cannot be trusted and this is a character issue.

In 2011, the mother asked the court for much needed therapy for the father's mental condition and a period of supervision. She wanted Edward Gemmer to get his act together, but he tried to take advantage of the situation and lied under oath about stolen email communications that were manipulated and deliberately taken out of context. When Gemmer was not outright lying, he was pleading the Fifth. When ECO transcripts were ordered and complaint letters flooded the courts, Judge Lias forced a settlement.

Edward Gemmer agreed to a settlement in front of Judge Kay Lias. He signed a 2012 Shared Parenting Plan that he would stop the inappropriate behaviors that were brought against him in court.

On Friday, February 24, 2012, Edward Gemmer agreed to stop doing the following inappropriate behaviors that were brought against him in court:


a. Neither party shall be intentionally nude in front of the minor child and shall not bathe
with the minor child.
b. During each party's parenting time, the minor child shall be responsible for bathing
herself and administering any topical medications as physically practical to herself.
c. Each party shall provide the minor child with her own bed in their respective residences.

a. Neither party shall be intentionally nude in front of the minor child and shall not bathe with the minor child.

b. During each party's parenting time, the minor child shall be responsible for bathing herself and administering any topical medications as physically practical to herself.

c. Each party shall provide the minor child with her own bed in their respective residences.


The mother maintained the majority parenting time, which protects the child's well-being. There was also a year long mediation ordered, but this father still needs help with parenting issues and in developing a work ethic. Since his remarriage, he now has three daughters and he works the  minimum. His child, in this case, will go without unless the mother works hard to make certain that the child has necessities such as childcare, extra curricular activities, lunch money, and adequate clothing for all seasons. Edward Gemmer pays $0 in child support. He does not attend to any medical issues. This is on the record and is an ongoing concern.  

Judge Kay Lias found Edward Gemmer in Contempt of Court on July 11, 2014. It was his lies and deception that was noted in her decision. He was extremely bitter that Judge Lias held him accountable for his actions. But, he does not respect Judge Lias and this why he violates her order. 

In 2015, Edward Gemmer is having problems following the judges order again.  He continues to lie and is sending childish and retaliatory emails to the mother when all the mother is doing is advocating for safety and well-being of her child.   


In 2011-12, if Edward Gemmer was innocent there would have been no need for all the lies and corruption by GAL/Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher to protect him.  There would have been no need for Attorney Joseph Nigh to fabricate "evidence" when questioning the child's therapist, Dawn Gross.  His parents had the money for major legal bills, and it still fell apart, because of Edward Gemmer's lies.  The record did not support the lies.

 This is why information was sent to the U.S. Attorney's Office for an investigation of the mother's case and others who may have had similar experiences in the courts with guardian ad litems and attorneys lying and rigging cases, and then retaliating when confronted.  Due to conflicts of interest and "jurisdiction" there was no intervention from the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel when filing complaints with evidence of corruption.  But, still file complaints against attorneys with the Bar, state legislators, and copy the FBI. Your child and other children in Ohio deserve better protection. 

 WARNING - Edward Gemmer does not take responsibility for his conduct. He will blame others including his current wife rather than taking responsibility for his behavior.  He will blame this woman and the child.  He did during his contempt hearings in 2014.  He made certain to blame his wife for the reckless decisions that he made in taking the child out of the country.  However, Judge Lias found Edward Gemmer in Contempt of Court for interference with custody.  Involving others in his lies, is Edward Gemmer's pattern of behavior and his character.  Unfortunately, she will learn the hard way not to ever trust this man, a proven liar. 

In 2011, Edward Gemmer's father, Gary Gemmer was the only person prosecuted and TWO magistrates requested that Edward Gemmer's father be supervised when around the child because of domestic violence.  Edward Gemmer's mother, Kathleen Simon should have been prosecuted as well for her role in the domestic violence. What they did was reprehensible.  How many "professional" people will beat-up a pregnant mother and then hide her child?  An Amber Alert was called and the mother was reunited with her daughter after she left the hospital that evening. Their actions caused the 1st sexual abuse investigation.  If Edward Gemmer was innocent his parents would not have stooped so low.  Edward Gemmer took the child out of preschool and drove her 2-hours away  to stay with his parents after the mother had filed for Emergency Custody.  (SEE ASSAULT - Gary Gemmer for more details.) 

Furthermore in 2011, Edward Gemmer and his father were also both restricted by Nationwide Children's Hospital Child Advocacy Center, Franklin and Fairfield Children Services to not have contact with the child during Edward Gemmer's sexual abuse investigations.

No one in this family was ever criminally investigated or accused of any wrongdoing by law enforcement or children services.  The mother and our family filed police and FBI reports.  We are the only ones still asking for a complete investigation of 09-DR-4727

Provable lies came from GAL Mary Beth Gellerher Fisher and Attorney Joseph Nigh. They were trying to rig the case for Edward Gemmer before Magistrate Bryan Elliott.  This is what money and under the table deals will do in court.  


In 2010 and 2011, my great granddaughter, a little was girl asking for help.  She was thrown under the bus by Guardian ad litem/Attorney, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher's hurtful, vicious lies, and corruption. All this GAL seemed to cared about was making money and referral opportunities. She fabricated TWO interim reports. The first one was written with stolen and tampered with email communications provided to her by Edward Gemmer who was spying in the mother's Gmail account before, during, and after he was investigated for "gray-area" sexual abuse.  Fisher's 1st report was never entered into evidence, yet it was used to taint witnesses, the child's therapist, Dawn Gross.  This is against GAL Rule 48 - The Ohio Supreme Court.  GAL Fisher ended up pleading the FIFTH repeatedly.  She has immunity and she should have been removed from the case.   

GAL Fisher was lying on behalf of Franklin County Juvenile Public Defender Edward Gemmer, a father who lied in and out of court.  A father who plead the FIFTH throughout multiple hearings.   

Edward Gemmer's attorney was super unethical Joseph Nigh.  This attorney stooped so low that he fabricated "evidence" when questioning the child's therapist.  This was during September 2011 ECO hearings. 


Our family did not accept this injustice and you should not either.  

If this is happening to your child find a good attorney such as my grandson Tampa Attorney Ali Shakoor.  He is a successful post-conviction attorney, but he came to Ohio to protect his niece. 

SEE TAB - COURAGEOUS - Tampa Attorney Ali Shakoor

Despite bias from the GAL, and a vindictive retaliatory bar complaint from Joseph Nigh, who placed GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher, the defendant,Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer, and Magistrate Bryan Elliott's names as witnesses, Attorney Ali Shakoor had the courage to continue advocating for his niece.  He gained a great deal of respect for his integrity.  

What is a serious problem in Franklin County Courts is that too many lawyers are afraid to speak up for fear of being blackballed and retaliatory bar complaints are filed against them in order to shut them up and preserve the status quo, a Cottage Industry that is throwing away children. Ohio attorneys need to speak up and not be fearful. Parents need your courage. Children need your courage, because you are their voice in the courtroom. If you are having problems, please file a complaint with the U.S. Attorney's Office and feel free to reference this website. If more attorneys and clients speak up about threats and corruption in the courts, and at the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel, they may be inclined to have a federal investigation. 


In addition, start a website and file complaints with Ohio State Legislators.  Go to the newspapers with your story.  Just DO NOT give up on your child.  

 Speak up loudly and ALWAYS tell the truth.  

The mother wrote this in part to Franklin County Court Administrator Dana Preisse in December 2013. She was responding to Edward Gemmer's continual lies to the court.      

 "Edward Gemmer sexually abused our daughter.  Like the majority of cases of inappropriate sexual contact between parents and children, he was not prosecuted.  Our daughter first came to me complaining that her father had started forcing her to shower with him." 


On Friday, July 11, 2014 - Judge Kay Lias  DECISION AND JUDGEMENT ENTRY -  Edward Gemmer is in CONTEMPT OF COURT.

"The defendant having been found by clear and convincing evidence to be in contempt of court, the court ORDERS a jail sentence of thirty days, suspended if defendant purges his contempt by restoring thirty-six and one-half hours of parenting time he prevented plaintiff from exercising and six additional hours of parenting time as penalty for not providing communicative access between plaintiff and the child for a total of forty-two and one-half hours of parenting time. The hours are to be provided to plaintiff on defendant's Sunday evenings from 6:00pm overnight until he has purged his contempt.

Defendant is further ORDERED to reimburse plaintiff the filing fee she incurred and all other court cost including court reporter costs.


Judge Kay Lias

Sitting by assignment 


Edward Gemmer has proven himself to be an inept parent, untrustworthy, and he does not respect Ohio laws or the courts.    

This website was also created because of injustice and to continually protect the minor child. She is generally doing very well because the mother is the primary caregiver, and this helps to minimize problems in the father's home such as: lack of proper supervision, interference with custody, and medical neglect that three times the child was in need of 10-days of antibiotics. These are serious concerns and was brought against Edward Gemmer in a Contempt of Court hearing.

When the child told on her father, she was believed by her mother and this family and something was done about it.  Protecting this child has been an ongoing effort.

I am urging YOU to protect your child no matter how difficult. Just keep telling the truth and always document problems.  Sooner or later the court will understand your commitment to the well-being of your child, who deserves the best life possible.  A happy child is a contribution to the world.

 There are several fathers in our family and none of them has behaved with their daughters or sons the way Edward Gemmer has behaved.  This father did NOT stop being sexually inappropriate, which include, showering with the child, exposing his penis and urinating in front of his daughter, until he had created a huge problem for himself, his parents, and for attorneys who got involved in his ridiculous mess when all he had to do was STOP it.

 Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher  was yelled at by the judge, but nothing was done about any of Fisher's unethical violations that are on the record.  It was cruel what this GAL did to the mother and child. She was totally biased and without any compassion. 

Unfortunately, stories about corrupt guardian ad litems (GAL) is going on in courtrooms all over the country. Just Google "corrupt guardian ad litems" and you will learn about other cases.

In order to protect children and parental rights, Ohio Rule 48 - (GAL guidelines) that many judges have ignored or know nothing about should also be enforced. And, I feel an oversight judicial committee should be assigned for random monitoring.  For judges and magistrates to say, "we don't have to follow GAL recommendations" is unacceptable when a corrupt GAL such as Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher is lying under oath, pleading the fifth, and contaminating witnesses and professionals with fabricated reports.  This is what happened in 09-DR-4727. By the time Judge Lias received the case from Magistrate Elliot it was a total fiasco.    

A domestic violence incident in Scioto County is what caused the 1st sexual abuse investigation of Edward Gemmer.  Franklin and Fairfield County Children Services wanted to know why the mother was attacked by her in-laws. When the issue of the forced showering was explained and that an ECO (Emergency Custody Order) had been filed against the father, children service decided to open an investigation against Edward Gemmer for sexual abuse.  Eventually there were TWO sexual abuse investigations against this father for what is actually "grey-area" sexual abuse, but is just as harmful to a child asking for help. 

 Edward Gemmer lied to investigators and has refused to take a legitimate Columbus Police Lie detector test.  (See sections at the end - PAID - PRIVATE POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION - Inadmissible)

 Edward Gemmer lied to his former attorney, Joseph Nigh, and to court appointed guardian ad litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher and caused them both to behave unethically when they improperly used stolen email communications.

On September 30, 2010, this family argued privately over what to do about Edward Gemmer's behavior and but not that he was innocent of sexually abusing the child. Those emails were deliberately taken apart and out of context by GAL, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher. The mother wanted him to get therapy and a long period of supervised visits. She testified to initially feeling this way rather than prison, and she did not know that Edward Gemmer was spying in her Gmail account for months, and while at the same time he was sexually inappropriate with their daughter. He had escalated from the forced showering.  When the child was 4 years old, he stopped using a wash cloth and bath the child with his hands. This caused a lot of problems and the child was uncomfortable.  He also studently stated forcing the child to shower with him.  


 The mother and this family believed the child when problems started when she was 4-years old and took action to protect her rights. The mother prevailed in her custody/divorce case. After the mother ordered transcripts and multiple complaint letters were filed Edward Gemmer ended up signing a Shared Parenting Plan prohibiting the very issues that were brought against him.  Despite lies and the mother and this family had the courage to speak up, file complaints with evidenceagainst attorneys who got involved in Edward Gemmer's mess.



Edward Gemmer has participated in court ordered mediation and court ordered family therapy and still he has violated the court order and did so immediately after the case settled on February  24, 2012.  He does not respect the law or the court.  

The mother is following the Shared Parenting Plan and Edward Gemmer has disrespected the court repeatedly.  

It is a well-known conclusion from high profile cases that retaliation and threats will only further expose our sad and pathetic story about Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Simon Gemmer and his egregious conduct that is on the record after he suddenly started showering with his daughter when she turned 4-years old. He was the ONLY person ever accused or investigated criminally for sexual abuse. This family immediately filed police and FBI criminal reports when he used stolen emails communication to take the spotlight off his conduct. Edward Gemmer was also heavily addicted to pornography and he got rid of two computers. Nothing Edward Gemmer explained about his conduct which experts call "grey-area sexual abuse" has made any sense at all. What he did to my great-granddaughter was wrong and harmful to her well-being as she complained to her mother over and over again. All Edward Gemmer had to do was STOP it. He chose not to stop.

Six months after case is over, he took the child into Circleville, Ohio Walmart family restroom, exposed his penis and urinated in front of her.  She was 6-years old and a bench was outside the door where she could have waited. How many excuses will people make for Edward Gemmer's conduct?  The child plays outside without his supervision and worry about kidnappers.   

Edward Gemmer also lied in a letter to the defend multiple complaints against guardian ad litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher on October 25, 2013. 

In her letter to the court the mother described the size of the shower and the child repeatedly seeing her father's penis at 4-years old. The mother also stated in her letter that Edward Gemmer got away with escalating his inappropriate behavior, because he works in the courthouse and used his connections. 


During the September 2011 ECO Hearings, Attorney Joseph Nigh resorted to putting forth false evidence when questioning the child's therapist, Dawn Gross.  The pro se mother also a law school graduate is on the record objecting to his false evidence. Transcripts were ordered after the case eventually settled in the mother's favor and Edward Gemmer signed an incriminating Shared Parenting Plan. 

Please see section (Filing a Complaint - Alert Connections) - for more information and an excerpt of the transcript where Attorney Joseph A. Nigh fabricated evidence.)

People know unethical behavior and a cover-up and they talk among themselves about the truth. We have heard from a lot of people. And, they are getting fed up with children being harmed, and that protecting unethical attorneys and guardians are more important than protecting children. I am fed up with it. The mother and this family experienced injustice and bias when advocating for the child and this is dangerous and unacceptable.  

What is also a serious problem is Edward Gemmer when upset with the mother, he will unexpectedly remove the child from school, and not disclosed his location and refuse the mother any contact with the child.  There are laws against this and they also apply to Edward Gemmer.  He has done this a few times in nearly 8 years and is a major reason that the mother has refused to sign for the child to have a passport.  The mother wants to know where her child is and she cannot trust Edward Gemmer, his wife, who has lied, and or his parents.  

 I want boys and girls and their parents to become empowered to speak up and end physical and sexual abuse, because children are increasingly being thrown under the bus. Studies have shown that children who speak up about being abused and something is done about it, they have higher self-esteem. They feel GREAT. They are also role-models and able to help other children. 

The vast majority sexual abuse allegations are "grey-area" sexual abuse. A lot of these situations take place at bedtime, bath-time and play-time. Judges and magistrates, who know the truth may turn a deaf ear, while attorneys and even court appointed guardian ad litems such as GAL Fisher will lie in their reports, work professionals, and fabricate evidence in order to protect the perpetrator's reputation.


We want children to learn how to speak up. They should always be proud of themselves for having the courage to say "NO." 


I want you to know thatt "Unsubstantiated" does not mean "not guilty."  They are two very different things. The majority sexual cases are unsubstantiated meaning they cannot be proven in criminal court.  This happens quite often with very young children and "grey-area" sexual abuse allegations.  I want you to protect your child no matter what because your child is asking for help.  Do not be afraid to demand fairness and justice.  Hold people accountable by filing complaints and making police and FBI reports. The truth will always come out.  Lies fall apart in the end and when under a microscope when transcripts are examined.  Have your friends and family members come to court and write letters and affidavits on your behalf.  This is not the time to be embarrassed.  Maintaining custody of your child will depend on how hard you are fighting back. Just always tell the truth. 



My last letters to Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Ventures was because the father had the audacity to take the child into a Walmart family restroom then expose his penis and urinate in front of my 6-year old great-granddaughter.  He bought her a Barbie Doll afterward. He admitted that it happened, but by way of a "mirror." Well, I had the mother take photos of the restroom, and I sent the photos to the prosecutor's office and to his boss.  There is no way that the child could have seen her father's penis in the mirror over the sink.  Edward Gemmer did it deliberately. 


This family is transparent.  We went to the Columbus Police and Scioto County Sheriff Department and to the FBI.  We asked for a full investigation.  We immediately filed criminal complaints. Mr. Gemmer did not file any complaints, but claims he was "falsely accused."    



Edward under the direction of his attorney, Joseph Nigh took private polygraph examinations rather than at the Columbus Police Polygraph Unit where he was asked to take a polygraph, by a Columbus Police Officer investigating him for sexual abuse.  

Instead, Edward paid to have private polygraph's taken where he was encouraged to practice and rehearse how to respond to THREE questions. This is laughable and inadmissible in civil or criminal trials.

Perpetrators can pay a lot of money for results that they want.  Edward declined to take a legitimate polygraph conducted by a neutral party and this makes no sense.


These private tests are inadmissible in court and children services and the criminal court do not recognize them as credible because of the money involved.

And, although, Edward was twice accused of sexual abuse, he was malicious enough to enter a Walmart family restroom and expose his penis to the child. I am still outraged.  This was 6-months after the case was settled and his promise to be sexually appropriate.  There is no acceptable explanation for his behavior.

Several witnesses on the stand, the child's school, pediatrician, his friends, and the child's therapist were told that Edward "passed" two polygraphs. What a joke.


     Please do not be afraid to speak up and loudly and PROTECT your child.