Saving children from physical and sexual abuse

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Children deserve to be protected and safe


Choose an attorney that has the courage to speak up for your child.  Do not compensate them unless they are willing to advocate for your child.  Too many attorneys just want the money and not the mission - saving children. Choose an attorney that has the courage of their convictions. 

And, please be consistent when talking with your attorney. Do not send mixed signals.  It may be difficult to let go of past affections for an ex-spouse or a desire to protect the spouse and your child. Child abuse is embarrassing, but let the shame be that of the perpetrator.

Remember your attorney cannot protect, you, your child, and the alleged perpetrator all at the same time. 

Your child will lose out, if you are not persistent and consistent. 

Be clear that your role is a protector of your child.  This is your mission as a parent or caregiver.

Be your child's advocate and ask your attorney to be the child's voice in the courtroom.  A fair-minded judge or magistrate will hear the convictions of a determined child advocate.  

Speak up LOUDLY and CLEARLY.   

In the end, the mother going pro se made her Record that detailed major corruption in Franklin County Domestic Courts that is perpetuated by a corrupt guardian ad litem GAL Program that is not properly regulated.  We hope you have a better experience as changes are being made by the Ohio Supreme Court. 


Please click on the tab:  FILING A COMPLAINT - ALERT BAR CONNECTIONS -  on this website and you will learn more important details about the unethical conduct of attorneys such as:

1. Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer is in contempt of court - Friday, July 11, 2014 - Interference with custody and denying the mother telephone access to her daughter.  He has admitted to lying and being deceitful.  The court case is 09-DR-4727 - Judge Kay Lias. 

2.Attorney Heather Zirke has been investigated and protected by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.

3. Attorney Amy C. Stone has been investigated and protected by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.

4. Attorney Joseph Nigh is a partner with Tyack, Blackmore, Liston, and Nigh.  He put forth false evidence and was protected by Zirke and Stone, and this is why complaints were filed against these Bar Counsel Attorneys.  Joseph Nigh's violations with stolen email communications, filing a bar complaint in the middle of hearing, and contaminating witnesses are alarming and dangerous.  Exerpts from the transcript where Nigh questioned his only witness for the defendant is under the heading JOSEPH NIGH - FALSE EVIDENCE.  Franklin County Case # 09-DR--4727.

What Stone and Zirke did to protect Joseph Nigh who tried to protect Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer, and it is a disgrace to the legal profession that they are all sworn to uphold.  

You will learn that having the right inside connections at the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel can protect unethical attorneys. 



Children in Ohio are at risk when there is no oversight by the Ohio Supreme Court. 


5.  Attorney/Guardian ad Litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher took advantage of a broken Guardian system and multiples times now she has been investigated by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.  

Fisher would rather bring down the entire Franklin County Courthouse rather than take responsibility for her unethical conduct that has impacted multiple families and children in Ohio.