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Children deserve to be protected and safe

Children and Child Protective Services 

There are many wonderful and dedicated children service workers. But, they can be limited in their capacity to protect your child. It is my understanding from listening and viewing cases that children service workers even say "CALL THE POLICE" and get the abuse corroborated as quickly as possible. Too many children end up back in the home, because there is more value placed on the reputation of the parent. This can be very scary for a child asking for help.

If the case comes through as referral to child and protective services, then it is important to have an independent Child Advocacy Center to conduct a forensic interview of your child.

Remember that children service workers CANNOT interview you, the alleged perpetrator, your child, and also conduct the "forensic interview." This is a conflict of interest and should not be permitted.

Forensic interviews should be conducted by NEUTRAL and INDEPENDENT parties. Insist that there are absolutely no conflicts of interests.

Do not permit your child to be interviewed by a child services worker who has a conflict of interest with the alleged perpetrator. Your child is at risk and will become confused by an unfriendly tone of voice. This is what happens to a lot of children, if the worker is attempting to protect the perpetrator.  This happened to the child in our family.  The children service worker, Fairfield County, Heather Stoneburner interviewed, the child, mother and father.  She then, conducted, and botched the forensic interview on purpose. She should be ashamed of what she did to the child asking her for help.  It is good thing that my granddaughter was able to prove what Stoneburner did and why.