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Contempt of Court 

Franklin County Public Defender - Edward Gemmer 


On Friday, July 11, 2014

Judge Kay Lias - Decision and Entry  - Interference with custody and denying the mother telephone access to the child.  09-DR-4727 - Edward Gemmer ADMITTED that he lied and deceived the mother. He also lied in court to Judge Lias.  He has no respect for this judge, and he continues to lie under oath whenever he is in court.

"The defendant having been found by clear and convincing evidence to be in contempt of court, the court ORDERS a jail sentence of thirty days, suspended if defendant purges his contempt by restoring thirty-six and one-half hours of parenting time he prevented plaintiff from exercising and six additional hours of parenting time as penalty for not providing communicative access between plaintiff and the child for a total of forty-two and one-half hours of parenting time. The hours are to be provided to plaintiff on defendent's Sunday evenings from 6:00pm overnight until he has purged his contempt. 

 Defendant is further ORDERED to reimburse plaintiff the filing fee she incurred and all other court cost including court reporter costs.


Judge Kay Lias

Sitting by assignment 


Edward Gemmer lied and deceived the mother for over a year when he interfered with custody, when he and his present wife, Ashley Ann Gemmer took the child out of the country on a cruise during Spring Break - 2014. They took the child out of school during the mother's parenting time. The mother called the police and filed a report. Ashley Ann Gemmer has also on multiple occasions created a situation where she is trying to interfere with the mother's custody by taking away the child cell phone. She has given the wrong times and dates. She took the child out of town, eight hour away without the mother knowing where the child was and the father had stayed home. Neither one of them answered their phone. This is a violation of the court order.  This mother has two young children of her own.  She should be spending more time with them since she works in the evenings and sleeps in the day. Parenting is not her priority.  If anything happens to my great granddaughter while in their care, the mother will prosecute to the fulliest extent of the law. Ashley Ann Gemmer along with Edward Gemmer is untrustworthy, spiteful, and has lied too often. They are not rolemodels for children.  

During the court case when Edward Gemmer was found in Contempt of Court, he blamed Ashley Ann and not himself for interfering with the mother's custody in 2014.  He threw his wife right under the bus.   

Mother concerns in her contempt motion: 

 In nearly 13 years, Edward Gemmer has only taken the child to the doctor one time, and this is when he was meeting the mother and the child was an infant.  His medical neglect has caused a variety of medical concerns, and the need for antibiotics when returned to the mother. The child has severe peanut and tree nut allergies, which can be potentially dangerous. He also has never taken the child to the dentist or allergist. He offers no compensation for lunches or clothing expenses. While in the father's care the child had been allowed to listen to inappropriate music. When much younger the child was locked out of the house and had to urinate outside.  At 5-years old the child was lost long enough that Edward Gemmer had to get in his car and search over three neighborhoods. The mother was denied telephone access multiple times when in town and when the child was taken out of Ohio without her knowledge.  For other valid reasons including past inappropriate conduct the mother was not comfortable with Edward Gemmer taking their daughter out of the country on a cruise so she said no to a passport, and to him taking her parenting days. Rather than changing his behavior and following the court order Edward Gemmer violated the Shared Parenting Plan, took the child out of school, out Ohio, and out of the United States during the mother's parenting time.  He pretended to be going on a "road trip" for Spring Break - 2014.  The mother filed a complaint with the Columbus Police and Miami Police Departments who tracked Edward Gemmer down in Miami about to board the cruise ship with his wife, infant daughter, and my great-granddaughter.  Edward Gemmer told them he was an "attorney."  They were delayed for an hour before the authorities decided it was a civil matter, and consequently it was handled by Judge Kay Lias'  - Decision and Judgement Entry  - Edward Gemmer was found in Contempt of Court.    

The mother learned that the child was also instructed to lie to port authorities if they were stopped.  Edward Gemmer and his wife, Ashley Ann Gemmer should be ashamed of themselves. Neither of them answered their cell phones when the mother made repeated calls.  What kind of role-models are they setting in their home to teach a child to lie to authorities? What they did was over the top when the mother refused to grant permission for Edward Gemmer to get a passport for the child and take the child on a cruise. The mother and this family have always taught the child to tell the truth no matter who tells her to lie. 


CONTEMPT & WALMART:  Six months after the divorce and custoday case was over in 2012, Edward Gemmer took the child into Circleville, Ohio Walmart family restroom where he exposed his penis and urinated in front of her.  She was 6-years old.  A bench was outside the door where she could have waited.  How many excuses will be made for Edward Gemmer's conduct? The child played outside without his supervision and even got lost while in his care and he was not worried about kidnappers. But, of course, Judge Lias finding Edward Gemmer in contempt on this particular issue could have been a criminal matter, and proving "intent" is not easy when it comes to "grey-area" sexual abuse.  I understand the ramifications. But, photos of the Walmart bathroom do not lie and Gemmer's mirror excuse is implausible. He did it deliberately.  He turned around.  The child did not. Had the turned around all she would have seen would have been the back of her father's pant legs.  

The child preferred to be on the bench waiting for her father. She is intelligent and has had Safety Town instructions at school and home.  She knows how to SCREAM if there is a problem.  There are several fathers in our family who never had this problem (exposing their penis and urinating) in front of their daughters.  Their daughters also have a nightlight beside their beds.  They realize the importance of setting appropriate boundaries.  Edward Gemmer does not.  He has lied pervasively and caused problems for too many well-educated people, who are placed in a precarious position of having to protect Edward Gemmer.   

Edward Gemmer has participated in court ordered mediation and court ordered family therapy, and still he violated the court order and did so immediately after the case settled on February  24, 2012.  He does not respect the law or the court and is in need of therapy and parenting classes.  

The mother is following the Shared Parenting Plan.  The child is happy and does well when Edward Gemmer does the same.




Until Edward Gemmer was recently found in contempt of court, his father, Gary Gemmer was the only person prosecuted.  And, TWO magistrates requested that Edward Gemmer's father be supervised when around the child because of domestic violence that led to the 1st sexual abuse investigation in 2010. Edward Gemmer  and his father were also both restricted by Nationwide Children's Hospital Child Advocacy Center, Franklin and Fairfield Child and Family Services to not have contact with the child during Edward Gemmer'TWO sexual abuse investigations.


In the spring of 2011, Edward Gemmer's s father's Gary Gemmer was prosecuted in Scioto County. The original charge September 27, 2010 was ASSAULT against the mother. 

The accounts of these events are well-documented in Franklin County Domestic Court and Scioto County Court Records.  Gary Gemmer' s sentence to a First Offenders was on July 26, 2011 at 10:30AM.


Gary Gemmer's irrational behavior is the reason Edward Gemmer was 1st investigated for sexual abuse in September of 2010. Gary was investigated by Franklin and Fairfield County law enforcement for domestic violence. This violent man threw an 8-month pregnant mother (my granddaughter) on the ground three-times. According to affidavits and police statements, he and his wife, Kathleen Simon were trying to withhold custody from the mother and keep the child at their home. The mother had filed for emergency custody, because Edward Gemmer had starting showering naked with their 4-year old daughter. The child was complaining to her mother and the father did not stop the behavior. He had all kinds of excuses.

When the ECO Motion was filed in 2010, Edward Gemmer panicked left work, removed the child from preschool, and drove 2-hours away to his parents home.  At the time, he was also illegally accessing my granddaughter's Gmail account. Edward Gemmer testified in July of 2011 that he was viewing the emails because he wanted to know what was being said about the showering.  Now, why not just stop doing it when his daughter was complaining and was acting out?  It was stupid and says a lot about his judgment and perversion.  He had not been accused of anything when he initially began viewing the email communications. When Ed took the child to his parent's house, he sent an email to the mother demanding that she withdraw her ECO Motion, or he would not bring the child home.  When the mother went to get her child from the grandparent's home two hours away, she was beaten up. It was an unprovoked attack and she had every right to take her child home.  Kathleen Simon stood there screaming like a raving idiot "get her" as her husband tried to wrest the child from the mother who has legal custody. 

What kind of people would behave this way in front of a child? Consequently, my great granddaughter received 6-months of therapy. She had been driven away as she screamed "Mommy, Mommy, I want my mommy."  The mother was taken to the hospital. An Amber Alert was called out.  That evening after the mother left the hospital, a Scioto police officer escorted the mother back to Gary Gemmer and Kathleen Simon's home where they handed the child over to the mother.  It was a disgrace.  

Now on July 11, 2014 Edward Gemmer is in contempt of court for interfering with custody and denying the mother telephone access to her child.  

My recommendation is a psychological evaluation for the entire family, because they do not mind breaking the law or becoming violent.