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Filing a Disciplinary Complaint

  (Please check out the appropriate information for your state and city)


In Franklin County and the State of Ohio 


1. U.S. Attorney's Office - Southern District

     303 Marconi Blvd.  Ste 200

     Columbus, Ohio 43215



 Contact this agency  if  you are an attorney or client experiencing bias or discrimination in filing a complaint, or retaliation for filing a complaint against a fellow attorney.  Please contact this agency, if you are experiencing corruption in the courts. 


All of our files, transcripts, and complaints have been turned over to this agency.  If more attorneys and clients speak up about threats and corruption in the courts, and at the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel, they may be inclined to have a federal investigation.  


2. Mr. Scott J. Drexel

    Ohio Disciplinary Counsel 

    The Supreme Court of Ohio

    250 Civic Center Drive, Ste 325

    Columbus, Ohio 43215-7411


FAX (614) 461-7205



 ALERT - See below - AMY STONE - INTAKE  - She deliberately wrote dishonest statements, that had to be corrected by her superior, Joseph Caliguiri.  Amy Stone deliberately tainted the grievance against Joseph Nigh and should have been fired.  If this happened to you, please file a complaint with the U.S. Attorney's office. There needs to be an independent federal investigation.       


3.  Ohio State Bar Association  - Complaints against Judges

     1700 Lake Shore Dr.

     P. O. Box 16562

     Columbus, Ohio 43216-6562





Please also visit the websites of the above and DO NOT be intimidated when you file your complaint.  Just tell the truth.  It is their job to uphold high standards and not support corruption.  The legal profession should not be a Cottage Industry where judges, attorneys and court-appointed guardian ad litems protect each other and make a lot of money at the expense of children and their parents.

 Children and families in Ohio deserve to be protected.

Alert -  Some Attorneys Have BAR Connections which is why you should copy your complaint to the U.S. Attorney's Office, especially if you are an attorney. 


A bar complaint filed against Joseph Nigh was contaminated

by Ohio Disciplinary Counsel Amy C. Stone when she called him a

"target."   Then the complaint was conveniently sent to the Cleveland Metropolitian

Bar Association where Heather Zirke did not investigate the merits of

of the grievance.  She said the matter should have been handled in Franklin County

Domestic Courts or it should have been "appealed."  The problem is that Zirke SHOULD know

that Magistrate Elliot's  Temporary Orders could not be "appealed" and that this does not exonerate

unethical conduct. Zirke had all the evidence and more transcripts were sent to the Bar

during the appeal process where Magistrate Bryan Elliot said on the RECORD on August

26, 2011 that he was not handling any ethical issues and that it was a matter for the

Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.  


NOTE:  On May 18, 2014, the Columbus Dispatch presented a series "Unguarded." It talks about unregulated Ohio guardians (including court appointed attorneys) and the lack of oversight by the lower courts and the Ohio Supreme Court.

  (Please also see: Joseph Nigh's FALSE "EVIDENCE"  Transcripts - Below)

Zirke protected her colleague, because she did not allow Joseph Nigh to explain

his conduct in the courtroom when he represented Franklin County Public

Defender, Edward Gemmer during the case 09-DR-4727. 

Joseph Nigh is an attorney and he is a guardian ad litem.


After what the, child, the mother, and this family experienced during 09-DR-4727 to call Joseph Nigh a "target" of the complainant was biased, offensive, and insulting.


Additionally, Magistrate Elliott is on the record stating that he did not

give Joseph Nigh permission to place his name as a "witness" on a Florida Bar Complaint

against (former pro hac vice - Attorney Ali Shakoor ) and that he would not support it if contacted.  "I don't know what I would tell them." What Magistrate Elliott could have told the Florida Bar is how he allowed Joseph Nigh to put false evidence in his courtroom.  (See sections on Magistrate Elliott - Incompetent.)


In the middle of a divorce/custody case with allegations of sexual abuse, Joseph Nigh filed

a false bar complaint with lies in order to get the upper hand, and he still lost the case when

Edward Gemmer signed an incrimination Shared Parenting Plan and did not get full-custody.

This is what unethical lawyers do when they cannot prove their case legitimately, they use

distracting and retaliatory tactics to protect themselves.  Joseph Nigh had

received stolen email communications. He was privy to an unfiled document provided to him

by Edward Gemmer who was spying in his ex-wife's Gmail account while being sexually

inappropriate with his daughter and during TWO sexual abuse investigations.


The only piece of evidence used by the Florida Bar Committee against my grandson (former pro hac vice, Attorney Ali Shakoor ) was Judge Kay Lias' Decision and Entry on July 22, 2011 where she wrote a decision that ultimately protected Ohio attorneys who lied in court to protect and cover-up for Edward Gemmer who ended up signing an incriminating Shared Parenting Plan. (Gemmer later was found in Contempt of Court on July 11, 2014 for interference with custody by Judge Lias)

After a thorough investigation not one entity in Ohio, or the Florida Bar committee and its referee, concluded that a member of our family was "dishonest" or had "selfish motives."  The initial recommendation was a simple "admonishment."  But, Florida's caselaw now supports a public reprimand for making disparaging comments in pleadings about corruption in Franklin County Domestic Courts. Joseph Nigh was comfortable enough to place Magistrate Elliott's name on a false bar complaint against Attorney Ali Shakoor in the middle of a hearing, then later put forth false "evidence" before the magistrate.  GAL Fisher fabricated two interim reports. Of course, this sanction against my grandson is nothing compared to being an absolute corrupt attorney and guardian in Franklin County Domestic Courts where 09-DR-4727 never should have been heard. All other judges in 2009 recused. 

The "mitigating factors" stated on the record by the Florida Bar and Referee regarding Ali Shakoor's "character" is exemplary of a fine attorney.  I am extremely proud of him. There were "no aggravating factors."  

Tampa Attorney Ali Andrew Shakoor is a courageous child advocate.

9.22 Aggravating factors:
9.32 Mitigating factors:
(a) absence of prior discipline;
(b) absence of dishonest or selfish motive; and,
(g) character and reputation - Respondent has provided 8 character affidavits.

On the other hand, Joseph Nigh is unethical. He supported and passed around an unfiled guardian

report (Guard ad litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher) that was written with stolen

email communications that were deliberately taken out of context. This family had filed

criminal complaints against, Gemmer, Nigh, and Fisher.  There was a motion filed to have Joseph

Nigh removed as counsel.  He, of course, threatened the new attorney with a grievance as well.

After this my granddaughter, a Moritz law school graduated took over her own case as pro

se/mother.  She prevailed and settle her case in her favor because the RECORD did not support

the corruption by Gemmer, Nigh and Fisher.  Joseph Nigh falsified "evidence" when questioning the

child's therapist. 


I believe that Amy Stone knew from the outset that there was a serious problem with

Joseph Nigh.  She conflicted off but contaminated the grievance process. And, Joseph Nigh

received an internal copy of Stone's letter stating that he was a "target."  The complainant

did not receive a copy of the letter that was sent by Nigh to the Florida Bar.  Amy Stone

also deliberately made hurtful and other untrue statements about the complainant that finally had

be CORRECTED by her superior, senior counsel Joseph Caligiuri. Amy Stone should have

been fired, because what she did was extremely unethical.  Despite evidence supporting the

grievance, she wrote false language in a transfer letter in order to protect Joseph Nigh and to hurt

my grandson. 

Lawyers protecting lawyers with WILL NOT protect innocent children asking for help. 

Lawyers protecting their colleagues from a proper investigation will not uphold the integrity

of the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel. It is all about having the right connections on the inside.


Heather Zirke had the transcripts and she knew exactly what she was doing when she

dismissed the grievance. If Joseph Nigh was innocent all Zirke had to do was to ask him

to explain his conduct.  She protected Joseph Nigh and did not protect the child.


What Joseph Nigh did to a pro se mother when questioning the child's therapist, Dawn

Gross with false "evidence," was to engage in an egregious sexual abuse cover-up.  There

would have been no need for Nigh to be deceptive if Edward Gemmer was innocent.  

Joseph Nigh should be held accountable and not protected by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.

He will do it again.


Amy Stone and Heather Zirke seem to care more about protecting careers instead of innocent children and families asking for help.  They should be ashamed of themselves. They are also supposed to uphold an oath to hold all Ohio attorneys to the same ethical standards. 

However not ONE bar counsel member said Joseph Nigh did not do it. No one is going this far, because the record is clear.  He absolutely did it.  The investigation was deliberately tainted by Amy C. Stone. 




The so-called "appeal" process needs to be reviewed, because the merits of the

original grievance are not permitted to be reexamined during an appeal process.  It makes no

sense at all.  The tactic is to taint the initial review, which is what Amy Stone and Heather

Zirke did in order to protect Joseph Nigh who has a partner who serves on Ohio grievance

committees.  Joseph Nigh is coveting "dismissal" letters as though he has done nothing

wrong.  In fact, what he did was shameless and very dangerous and he will most certainly do

it again to another attorney because there is no oversight at the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.

The Ohio State Legislature have a great deal of documentation about this issue concerning

the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel and the conduct of their colleagues.  Hopefully, they will enact

legislation to address the lack of oversight.


Below is an exerpt from the Bar grievance against Joseph Nigh:

FALSE "EVIDENCE" Also see Tab under Filing a Complaint. - Joseph Nigh

Mr. Nigh lied and misled the Franklin County Domestic Courts by asking his sole witness, therapist Dawn Gross, questions about things he represented to Ms. Gross that the Plaintiff/mother, allegedly wrote in pleadings when in actuality, the mother never once attributed or referenced such a statement to Ms. Gross.  Mr. Nigh made it up. (See page 52, lines 4-7 and lines 15-24 of Dawn Gross' September 9, 2011 transcripts that were provided with grievance). Mr. Nigh will not be able to produce the pleadings, or any documents from these proceedings to justify the blatant misconduct in which he alleged to “quote” the mother based on statements that he used to intentionally mislead his own witness, and to mislead the court.  Mr. Nigh feigned as though he was reading from a pleading; a pleading that does not exist. The quotes referred to by Mr. Nigh are on page 52, lines 4-7 of Dawn Gross testimony do not actually exist. :


Q.  Did you [witness, Dawn Gross] make certain that the investigations conducted by Fairfield County, were quote, deliberately mishandled, closed quote?


and references in lines 15-24 do not exist:   (09-DR-4727) Case number for transcripts September 2011 ECO hearing)


Q. (Mother's name) put in a pleading that you [witness, Dawn Gross] made certain that the investigations done by Fairfield County was deliberately mishandled.  Do you feel that you made any actions or statements which caused Fairfield County to deliberately mishandle any investigation regarding (child's name withheld)?


The mother never once in any pleading suggested that Dawn Gross “made certain” that any investigations were mishandled, and in no context can it even be inferred. Joseph Nigh simply misled the witness and the court, by making up facts and slandering the mother. Mr. Nigh tainted the accuracy of the proceedings and misled Ms. Gross.  A lot of the problems with Ms. Gross' testimony are the result of how Joseph Nigh misled her as his witness, and purposefully lied about the words of the mother.  Mr. Nigh intentionally put forth false evidence on the record in court.  It is very serious and dangerous that Mr Nigh purposefully misled his witness and the court in any type of case, but especially in a case involving suspected child abuse.  The therapist is on the Record for saying that the mother's concerns about Mr. Gemmer were "genuine."  Ms. Gross had caused the 2nd sexual abuse investigation of Edward Gemmer when she made repeated calls to children services about his conduct.  But, after being contaminated by Nigh and Fisher, the therapist was reluctant to admit her prior concerns about the defendent.  Before the case closed Dawn Gross said she had deleted all email communications when she was subpoenaed to return to court. 

It is against GAL policy to taint experts with interim reports. But, this reprehensible behavior did not discourage Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher in her quest to ingratiate herself into the deep pockets of Joseph Nigh's law firm.  It is all about the money for this guardian ad litem/attorney. The well-being of children is not her well-being.

Dawn Gross testified that the mother's concerns were "geniune" and this statement was not in the Magistrate Elliot's Temporary Orders.  Judge Kay Lias forced a joint settlement of the case joint legal  custody and the mother has the majority parenting time.

During 2011 Edward Gemmer and Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher had pled the Fifth repeatedly throughout multiple hearings.


On August 2, 2012 when Heather Zirke of the Cleveland Bar Association dismissed the grievance against Mr. Nigh, she failed to apply the Ohio ethical rules to the conduct of Mr. Nigh, and particularly regarding the questioning of Dawn Gross. Ms. Zirke refused to discuss the conduct besides a small reference to an appeal that could have been filed.  Ms. Zirke refused to acknowledge a previous letter from my grandson, who is an attorney when he further explained the misconduct, and had provided proof with transcripts, that Mr. Nigh fabricated the trial record. All Zirke had to do was ask Mr. Nigh to provide the pleading he was allegedly reading from when he alleged to “quote” the mother, which he would have been unable to do. 

Ms. Zirke did not do her her job and she also dismissed evidence proving that Joseph Nigh received stolen email communications and was privy to an unfiled document and attorney/client priviledged information.  When Edward Gemmer started forcing my great granddaughter to shower with him, he illegally accessed my granddaughter's gmail account.  They were separated and living apart.  He shared the stolen emails and other attorney/client priviledged information with his attorney Joseph Nigh and guardian ad litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.  Fisher took the emails apart and concocted her 1st interim report that was nothing but lies to protect Edward Gemmer. It was passed all over the courthouse and to professionals including Dawn Gross, who initially was an advocate for the child.  It was horrible Fisher's "recommendations" and her lies about a private family argument over what to do about Mr. Gemmer's conduct.  It is a Federal offense to tamper with stolen emails.  She took them away from their original context and this was wrong.  Fisher's controversial and lie-filled report was never entered into evidence, but was used to taint professionals and sent around the courthouse.

The mother filed police and FBI criminal complaints against Nigh, Fisher and Gemmer.  She also contacted children services to learn what happened during TWO sexual abuse investigations where stolen emails were provided to them by Edward Gemmer without her knowledge.

No member of this family was accused of any wrong doing by any authority who read the complete set of stolen email communications. Mr. Gemmer was the only one investigated. But this did not stop Joseph Nigh and Fisher from lying and trying to contaminate witnesses with false information and from sending a retaliatory bar complaint to Florida.  

Toledo Bar Counsel Joseph Bonfigilio dismissed all of our complaints against Ms. Zirke and Amy C. Stone.  He dismissed all of the appeals and this includes one against Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher where Bonfigilio stated that Fisher was "upset" about this website (this website did not exist when Fisher made her extortion attempt) and this is the reason she suggested that she would "substantually reduce her GAL fees" if no bar complaints were filed against her by the mother or a member of our family.  He did not investigate.  Bonfiligio like Heather Zirke are reliable sources that the Disciplinary Counsel use to protect and cover up for certain colleagues.  Fisher's offer was unethical and a bar complaint was filed against her.  This woman also pled the FIFTH throughout the proceedings and she was the child's guardian.  They all got a pass and friendships at every level at the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel protected one another in a sexual abuse case.  It is a TRAVESTY and it is sad that children are not safe in Ohio if careers are at risk.

But, we are thankful that the child and her mother are doing very well and her custody was protected when Judge Lias forced a settlement of the case; and the father is no longer being sexually inappropriate with the child.   

What I want you to know from this story is that depending on who you file a Bar complaint against there may be protection even at the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel level. This is unacceptable.  Some attorneys in Ohio are being treated differently when their conduct is egregious and proven as such.  This is not fair to Ohio attorneys who do not have connections and are being punished for their misconduct.  

It is essential that the Ohio Supreme Court provide some guidance and oversight to the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.  As it stands today, children and parents in Ohio are not safe when grievances are deliberately contaminated. 

Joseph Nigh is teaching ethics classes when he is a poor role-model for any attorney or law student.

Amy C. Stone, Heather Zirke and Joseph Bonfiligio are poor role-models for the disciplinary counsel.  This case involved allegations of sexual abuse and more reason for them to be very careful that standards are high and that there are no shady dealings on the side.  What they did was absolutely shady.    

If Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer was innocent there would no need for Joseph Nigh to falsify evidence and "Guardian" Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher to write unfiled reports then plead the FIFTH.  There would be no need for Ohio Disciplinary members, Amy C. Stone, Heather M. Zirke, and Joseph Bonfiligio to be dishonest and unethical during the grievance process.

Children in Ohio are not safe if attorneys are not held to a higher standard.