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GOOD NEWS! - The child is doing well when primarily in the mother's care.  She is beautiful, good friends, and is thinking for herself about her own well-being and her future. For the most part, she is a happy child. She knows the truth, and that she has done nothing wrong when telling on her father or step-mother. This is very important. Children asking for help, need protection and advocates, not punishment in order to shut them up. Children know their parents and grandparents (in this case which grandparent was arrested by the police and prosecuted for violent behavior ( Gary Gemmer reduced to disorderly conduct) against a pregnant mother, and which parent was under criminal investigation for sexual abuse Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Gemmer, and his father could not be alone with her for nine months. The mother has always had the majority parenting time). The child knows lies and desperate attempts to alienate. She knows how to laugh it off, with them and at them, coping skills. The two households are very different. This child knows the truth. Which parent is getting help for her in learning ways to make good choices, and one trying to protect himself by passing around a corrupt lie-filled GAL report written with stolen and tampered with emails. GAL Mary Beth Fisher wrote the lies in 2011 (never entered into evidence) for the purpose of undermining whatever the child had to say about her father, Edward Gemmer and his conduct. She lied for him. It is pathetic how he relies on it for a prop and to deflect. There is not one thing in GAL's report about Edward Gemmer's parents who had to answer to assault against the mother and harboring the child. There is a police record filed by the mother and in the court files of this case. It is all a public record.       

MORE GOOD NEWS. In 2018, the mother was finally awarded child support by Ohio-CSEA, and it was upheld by Magistrate Ruttan in 2019. There was so much corruption in the case in 2012 that the mother, who had no income at the time of the settlement, she accepted $.00 child support just get out of court. Of course, Deadbeat, Edward Gemmer who now make $30,000 MORE than the mother, he wanted to continue paying $.00. But, Edward Gemmer wanted an out-right corrupt decision to overturn it, but evidence will not support it. There is the law. The mother prevailed and is receiving child support.  Please do NOT give up.   


This section of the website exist because it is a disgrace. This information is for parents who go through the same problems with step-mothers or fathers who have been inappropriate with children in grey-area sexual abuse and still don't get it.    

UPDATE - 2018 to 2019:  The mother had to send strongly worded emails and text to Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Gemmer regarding allowing the child to watch an inappropriate sexualized movie with him. On at least one occassion, he asked the child to close her eyes, but the child was listening along with him to  moaning and groaning love-making. This is irresponsible and inappropriate. The child complained.  Most fathers know better. Gemmer should know better after so much in court about inappropriate sexualized behavior. He was alone with the child and has not denied that it happened. She was uncomfortable with the situation and she informed her mother. This account is yet another documention of Edward Gemmer's poor judgement. He most certainly will continue to "act like a pervert" if he can get away with it.  


Edward Gemmer was NOT found in Contempt in 2019.  But based on evidence presented in court on January 24 and 25, it should have been a 2nd Contempt ruling on this father. Perhaps it would look bad for case 09-DR-4727 to have Public Defender, Edward Gemmer found in contempt two times.  It seems as though Public Defender Edward Gemmer is held to a very low standard. 

In 2019, Gemmer's testified about his deeply felt animosity towards the mother. He is not highly regarded either, but it is no reason to violate a court order.  Edward Gemmer and his wife, Ashley Ann Gemmer decided NOT to contact the mother ("We don't like her") this pathetic reason was stated (transcript) as an excuse for violating the court order, when Ashley decided to take the child to Urgent Care. Gemmer stayed behind with their two children. This is on transcript, Gemmer's testimony. It is overlooked, an omission in the Judge's decision. The child wanted her mother, and it turned out to be serious, a broken rib. Judge Lias's ruling may become a liability to the Court, her definition, of the purpose of Urgent Care.  Is there a serious conflict of interest? Protectionism? What if something life-threatening happens in the future? Gemmer's well-documented record of slow, and poor responses to medical concerns is long and troubling. Ashley Gemmer is not an RN/only and LPN - low medical skills, and is not the mother. She is incompetent to make medical decisions. Ashley Gemmer filled out paper work as though she was the biological mother.  This is a lie and fraudulent.  Her actions were malicious. Urgent Care - Ohio Health was only two minutes from the mother's home.  During a follow-up visit the mother had to clear-up confusion. Who is the real mother? Medical officials at Ohio Health know now about the deception. They have updated their data base and are on alert if Ashley Gemmer tries this stunt again. The mother will be notified.   

Ashley Gemmer needs to think about what occurred in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  She got pregnant, before they married in 2013.  During the court hearing, Gemmer  also did not deny a pornograpy addiction.    

But no matter the selection for either of them, children are involved. Ashley should consider the following:  What kind of father (Edward Gemmer) would suddenly start showering naked with a 4-year old daughter? Gemmer's explanation was that he was washing her hair. No one, not even the mother had showered or bathe naked with the child, and certainly not at 4-years old when children are learning about PRIVACY and private parts. Adults keep their clothes on when washing the child's hair or bathing the child. When my great granddaughter complained, Gemmer continued to force the showering. Why? Why did Edward Gemmer stop using wash cloths in 2010 and bathe his 4 year old daughter with his bare hands?  Will Ashley permit Edward Gemmer to do this to her two little girls in 2019? Will she protect them or look the other way and make excuses for his conduct the way she is doing today? Will she allow him to start showering with their daughters? Is it OK with her if he exposes his penis and pee in front of them when they are 6-years old? What are Ashley's standards? What kind of mother is she? Will she protect her girls or stick by Edward Gemmer? What bathroom games will Gemmer be allowed to play with her daughters? She wants to hurt his ex-wife by helping him to violate the court order and by pretending to be the motherAshley was a willing particpant in 2014; Gemmer was found in Contempt of Court by Judge Kay Lias.   

Ashley should wonder why Edward Gemmer, the father proclaiming innocence, "false accusations," why he signed an incriminating Shared Parenting plan in 2012, that prohibit the very actions brought against him. Her future husband was the ONLY one accused and investigated by children services and the Columbus police. Edward and his father, Gary were restricted from having any contact with the child.  The mother withheld custody for 9 months, almost a year. The mother was not held  in Contempt of Court. Edward Gemmer did not file criminal charges against anyone in this family. He was acting like a "pervert." This family filed charges, met  with the Columbus police, and the FBI several times.  Gary Gemmer was prosecuted for attacking the mother.  

Edward Gemmer had a big law firm, and was asking for full-custody, then had "temporary custody." However, the mother while in this cruel status, she still maintained the majority parenting time 75%, and while overseeing her outraged family).  What a joke - this nonsensical order.  Incompetent Magistrate Elliot mishandled his duties, when he wrote an order that made no sense, but to protect Gemmer, Nigh, and Fisher from prosecution for tampering with stolen emails.  (SEE TAB -IMCOMPETENT - Magistrate Elliott...)  It was a fire storm, this case, but consistent in that the mother ALWAYS maintained the majority parenting time. Why was this decision made if Edward Gemmer was falsely accused?  Then just two months later, Edward Gemmer completely lost his case for full custody when Judge Lias forced a settlement - Shared Parenting and restrictions on EDWARD GEMMER, THE ONLY ONE ACCUSED.  HE WAS ACTING LIKE A "PERVERT."  The mother was pro se.  The facts and the truth are hard to shake.  This website is very important for families and for naive mothers like Ashley Ann Gemmer. 

 09-DR-4727 is a public record.  This family is transparent. 

Also in the 2019 Court decision, Judge Lias is quoting how the mother had to instruct Edward Gemmer NOT to allow inappropriate access to R-rated movies, and internet access. The Judge stated how the child called or texted her mother when distressed.  It is all in Judge Lias' order.  Edward Gemmer was not found in contempt, but he is inappropriate and in need of instructions.     

Complaint letters, motions, emails, and transcripts will be sent to the U.S. Attorney's Office.  Edward Gemmer (and his wife, Ashley) need to be held accountable.  Gemmer should not be allowed to "temporarily" restrict telephone access, and violate the court order for any reason.  The case number is 09-DR-4727.  It is a public record.  If while in Gemmer's home and something happens to the child, and she is restricted from contacting her mother, Edward Gemmer and Ashley, if she is involved, they will be held accountable. 

ALERT!  The police visited Edward and Ashley Gemmer's home in November of 2018 and what started the Contempt motion.  Gemmer testified in court that they were "asleep." But their two dogs were barking and lights were on upstairs. The police took notes.  Edward and Ashley Gemmer were probably too afraid to answer the door.  Cowards? The only place where Gemmer can expect protection is in Franklin County Domestic Courts where he is expected to LIE while under oath, and plead the Fifth.   It is a travesty - 09-DR-4727   

Ashley Gemmer will learn the hard way about the mental state of the vindictive man she married, and what his vindictive family may try to do to her if they divorce. She willingly married into a well-documented court case 09DR-4727.  

If this step-mother, Ashley Gemmer takes the child out of state in violation of the court order and shared parenting plan, this website is a warning that if anything happens to the child she will be prosecuted. It is also for people to know that she is NOT the mother. The biological mother is supposed to be notified of the whereabouts of her child and when seeking medical care. Ohio Health has updated their files. The mother is fed up with Ashley Gemmer playing games lying and being spiteful, which causes the child to be unhappy and needless stress. The child is tired of it and has complained.  

Despite these problems, the mother wants her daughter to have a respectful relationship with her step-mother, father, and his family, and this is despite domestic violence by the grandfather, Gary Gemmer which was a traumatic experience for mother and child.

Gary Gemmer was PROSECUTED in 2011.  SEE TAB 

ALERT!  On Friday, July 11, 2014, Judge Kay Lias.   Edward Gemmer was found in Contempt of Court. - SEE TAB - CONTEMPT


Problems in the father's home are a lack of proper supervision, interference with custody across state lines, and out of the country; and medical neglect that resulted in the need for antibiotics. These concerns against Edward Gemmer were brought to court in a Contempt of Court hearing

Judge Kay Lias ruled in the mother's favor regarding interference with custody and denying the mother telephone access. Edward Gemmer Contempt of court.  (SEE - Contempt - Gemmer)   

Plaintiff's contempt motion, defendant's response, Judge Lias' Decision and Entry is on file under 09-DR-4727.

On March 21, 2014, Edward Gemmer violated the court order and deliberately interfered with custody. There is no excuse for his behavior. He interfered with custody then lied in order to take the child out of the country against the mother's wishes and her valid concerns.  Ashley Gemmer was also involved in this deception, but not brought to court.  In Gemmer's testimony he blamed his wife when they both should have known better. 

Edward Gemmer has proved himself to be dishonest and untrustworthy.  He was found in Contempt of Court by Judge Kay Lias on July 11, 2014.


UPDATE 2015 - Contempt of Court Hearing November 16, 2015 - NOT FOUND IN CONTEMPT 

Edward Gemmer has once again violated the court order. He does not respect Judge Lias' courtroom which is why he lies in court under oath. He continually interferes with the mother's telephone access, uses alienation tactics, and he refuses to pay his half of lunch fees.  

Edward Gemmer lied under oath.

In the summer of 2015, he removed the child from camp activities after the child told on him about leaving her alone to care for her 2-year old sister.  Prior to his actions, he agreed that the child should go to summer camp. He was angry because the police was notified and children services about his decision to leave a 9-year old to "babysit" a 2-year old when he went to get gas. With all the cases of home intruders and children burning in house fires, what Edward Gemmer did was irresponsible and dangerous. The police said if it happens again to call IMMEDIATELY and he will be arrested. The child also wrote a letter to Judge Lias about her feelings. 

Rather than acknowledging his poor judgment, Edward Gemmer retaliated against his daughter and ruined her summer fun with children her own age. It shameful and hurtful. It was only after the contempt was filed and the mother advocating that the child was permitted to resume camp activities. But, she missed a lot while sitting at home playing computer games in her father's home. They did go on a few family outings, but this is not the summer the child wanted or deserved.

"I'm saying I don't want to see you when I pick her up from camp.  I don't want you signing her out of camp.  I don't want you showing up to say "hi" when I'm picking her up from camp.  It's weird and I don't like it.  This isn't a difficult arrangement.  Don't show up when I'm getting her from camp and I can take her to camp.  If you can't do just this one simple thing then let me know and I'll make other arrangements."  Edward Gemmer - August 4, 2015

The above conditions to the mother say a lot about Edward Gemmer's need for therapy; and audaciously he refused pay for any camp activities.  This statement and similar ones are now a part of the court record - 09-DR-4727.

It was also shared by the mother that the father showed little interest when the child was rushed to the emergency room after ingesting tree nuts at a sleepover. He was called several times when the child vomited, rash all over, and anaphylactic reaction, which is life threatening, Edward Gemmer did NOT come to hospital and was basically disinterested. Many hours later when the child was back home, he called for a few minutes. He never spoke with the mother or doctor and he has never obtained a prescription for an epipen.  Edward Gemmer stated to the Court that it was not on his "parenting time." It is amazing and frightening this father's lack of empathy for his daughter. 

During the hearing, Edward Gemmer put forth as "evidence" an altered series of emails where he strategically removed damaging statements by the mother about his neglectful conduct with the child, and why the child should attend camp for the summer rather then home with him on his parenting days. Edward Gemmer is unethical and desperate. He provided this tampered with evidence over the mother's repeated objections. However, the mother, pro se with a law degree was permitted by Judge Lias to supplement Gemmer's "hearsay" evidence with the complete chain of emails, of which she did the next morning November 17, but without any additional testimony. Edward Gemmer habitually makes a mockery of court case 09-DR-4727.

If anything should happen to this child, it is well-documented the lies and efforts to protect Edward Gemmer from his conduct.