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In 2011, Mary Beth Fisher repeatedly Plead the Fifth, because she was outright lying in court throughout 09DR-4727. Think about it. How many GALs have to use the Fifth Amendment to protect themselves? Fisher should have been removed from the case. Her conduct was egregious and dangerous for the child. As a result of Fisher lies and her stupidly written statements in a letter to the mother about reducing her bill, "if no complaints are filed against me." This is BLACKMAIL, and as a result of being unethical in 2012, Fisher had to hire a bar attorney to protect her license.  

In  2015, 2016 - Grannie received several GAL related complaints about Mary Beth Fisher lying in court and biased reports. Some of the complaints go back for years and some were recent. Parents are rightfully upset.  Fisher is corrupt.  

UPDATE:  2017, 2018 2019 and 2020 - Parents inquired and/or sent emails to complain to Grannie confidentially about Mary Beth Fisher. This family keeps a file on this GAL. The complaints are either Fisher lied in the past, and the parents are still upset about it.  Or Fisher is currently, lying and creating, or escalating problems between parties.

The on-going concern about Mary Beth Fisher is that she is not working in the best interest of the child.

It appears to Grannie that Fisher's primary motivation is to drive up attorney and GAL fees. Why else would Fisher deliberately lie and create problems? It keeps the case going. She will also maliciously to damage a parent's relationships with the child's school, therapist and doctors.  She did this in my granddaughter's case. What this family did was the contact the FBI and file complaints.  

Please document all communications with Fisher and file complaints about lies and bocus reports, dates and names you don't recognize.  Rule 48 - READ IT.  Grannie's advice to both parties is protect your child against abuse and settle your case ASAP.  It is rigged when Fisher writes lies and is biased. This how the case continues. Judges and magistrates need to hold Fisher accountable. Parents can file complaints with the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel. They may not be receptive unless money issues, because judges have "jurisdiction." Damaging GAL reports that judges "do not have to follow." But if Fisher has maliciously sent lies to your child's school and pediatrician, to hurt YOU, your case, and the credibility of your CHILD, that you are desparately trying to protect, then file your complaint with the U.S. Attorney's office.

Have courage to stand up for yourself and tell the truth. This family filed numerous complaints. We met with officials and provided transcripts. We were told that more parents need to come forward.  Send your complaint to the address below:

U.S. Attorney's Office - Southern District

     303 Marconi Blvd.  Ste 200

     Columbus, Ohio 43215



See Records Request for more information.

The good news is that the mother in this case settled her divorce/custody in her favor. But it is important for you to know what happened in 2011 and 2012 and how to protect your child from a rogue GAL. The Franklin County Court case is 09DR-4727. Judge Kay Lias forced a settlement on Friday, Feb 24, 2012.  The judge is on the record for yelling at GAL Mary Beth Fisher for lying in court. Judge Lias took over the case after Magistrate Bryan Elliott's temporary orders overlooked a deplorable record against the father, Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer. GAL Mary Beth Fisher lies and corruption caused serious errors on the bench when she should have been removed immediately for lying and pleading the Fifth throughout multiple hearings.

On November 15, 2013 ALL of the Franklin County Domestic Courts judges recused from hearing a particular case that involved GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher and one where she was removed. This is unprecedented and the case was not complicated.

On July 11, 2014, Edward Gemmer was found in Contempt of Court by Judge Kay Lias for interference with custody. 


If you live in Ohio be careful not to have the infamous GAL/Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher appointed to your case in Franklin County, Delaware or any county in Ohio. So far, granniesavingkids has heard from parents in Franklin and Delaware County needing support and asking how to remove GAL Fisher.  My email address is Whatever you share will be confidential. I do not believe I have met a more greedy or evil-minded woman. It is appears that Mary Beth's primary objective rather than advocating for the safety and well-being of child is to create havoc and discord because this will drive up attorney and GAL fees by keeping the case going. "Bias" and phony billing are complaints against her. She is not overly concerned about children needing protection, or for parents to work out a sensible resolution and move on with their lives.  Unless there is a criminal conviction for abuse or neglect, the majority custody cases end with a Shared Parenting Plan sooner or later.  I am recommending that you set aside hostilities and emotions.  Protect your child, settle by listening to reason, and save yourself from stress and thousands of dollars to attorney and GAL fees.  GAL Mary Beth Fisher wants money and referral opportunities from major law firms. This is at your expense.  It is a wicked money making game at the magistrate's level where appeals for unfair temporary orders are not allowed, because they are not final orders that the judge signs.  By the time the judge gets the case you are both broke and manipulated out your money.  It's sad what parents do to one another. and the child is thrown under the bus by greedy corrupt GALs like Mary Beth Fisher. 

09DR-4727 was settled pro se by a mother with a law degree and after complaint were filed and transcripts were order.  The truth will prevail if you have the courage to stand up and protect your child.  Judge Lias forced a settlement and the mother prevailed.

WHY A WEBSITE?   Innocent children need protection, parents need advise, and attorneys need the courage to stand up for children and parents. There is peer pressure on attorneys to go along with a corrupt GAL when they witness unethical behavior, and at the same time money is being made.  Ohio children are at risk when there is no accountability and too low standards in the courtroom. Careers are protected and not innocent children desperately needing and asking for help.        

Guardian ad litem Mary Beth Fisher, Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer and Attorney Joseph Nigh's cruel and unethical conduct in Magistrate Bryan Elliott's courtroom is the primary reason for this website and two petitions.  What happened to the mother and this family was shockingly outrageous and life changing.  Although the mother prevailed, and my grandson Tampa Attorney Ali Shakoor prevailed and protected his law career in Florida after retaliation by these unethical Ohio attorneys. 

I do not want another family to go through this kind of cruelty when trying to protect a child.  Ohio Supreme Court Rules are designed to protect children not attorneys.  But, against the rules Mary Beth Fisher played a dual/role as GAL and attorney.  She was appointed only as a GAL for my granddaughter and not another attorney for Edward Gemmer.  Greed, MONEY, and referral opportunities and no accountability is why she took advantage of the courts.  In 2014, the Columbus Dispatch did an investigative report on Guardians and it was shocking.  They need to do an investigation of court appointed GALs in the Franklin County Domestic Courts, and focus on attorney/guardian ad litem Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.    

GAL Mary Beth Fisher knew Edward Gemmer was lying and sexually inappropriate with his daughter or why else would she lie for him, fabricate a GAL report, and plead the Fifth?  

Make sure that Mary Beth Fisher follows Ohio Rule 48 - DO NOT ALLOW her to act as an attorney and a GAL.  DO NOT ALLOW HER TO LIE ON YOUR FAMILY.  GET HER OFF YOUR CASE.  FILE COMPLAINTS IMMEDIATELY.  

It got so bad in 09-DR-4727 that Joseph Nigh resorted to writing a false bar complaint, and then to fabricating evidence when questioning the child's therapist. He had connections at the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel - Amy Stone. But all of the complaints went to the U.S. Attorney's Office.  Mary Beth Fisher had to hire an attorney to protect her and all because of corruption.    

Throughout 2011 when Edward Gemmer was backed into a corner, Mary Beth would quickly lie for him in court or during status hearings. There would have been no need for Mary Beth's lies, if she believed Edward Gemmer was innocent.

There was no need for Joseph Nigh to fabricate evidence when questioning the child's therapist, if he believed Edward Gemmer was innocent.  Joseph Nigh was privy to at least one unfiled documents and possibly pleadings when Edward Gemmer was spying in the mother's gmail account.  He instructed Edward Gemmer to plead the Fifth. He instructed Fisher to plead the Fifth. Transcripts were ordered to prove this fact. Transcripts proving that Joseph Nigh fabricated evidence when questioning the child's therapist was sent to the Ohio Bars, the Florida Bar, Franklin County Domestic Court judges, Ohio Supreme Court judges, and to the U.S. Attorney's Office.  Files and multiple complaints relating to Mary Beth Kellerher Fisher's conduct was sent as well.      

It is unfortunate that Magistrate Elliott did not particularly care what Joseph Nigh and GAL Mary Beth Fisher did in his courtroom where the incriminating record was created.  He basically said he was not responsible for monitoring the "unethical" conduct of attorneys. We have the transcripts where he made this statement. Paying money for 2011 ECO transcripts was worth every penny. 

Mary Beth Fisher foolishly allowed a juvenile public defender to entangle her in his web of lies. This was a major career mistake for her that exposed her sham GAL business and ruined her reputation.  Mary Beth had to hire two attorneys including a Bar attorney in order to protect her law license.  Edward Gemmer was not worth it. 

Joseph Nigh had to have his partner come to court and defend him. He also received multiple bar complaints that undermined the integrity of his connections at the disciplinary counsel. All of this happened because of Edward Gemmer lying and getting others to lie on his behalf.  It was not worth it.  

Franklin County Public Defender, Edward Gemmer is a liability to whomever gets involved, because he lies unnecessarily when he could just STOPPED and behaved appropriately with his child.  He created problems for the child who was complaining about his inappropriate behavior. He created problems for himself, his family, his attorney, GAL Fisher and his workplace.    



MONEY - GREED - CORRUPTION   - 2011 Details - Mary Beth Fisher 

In 2011, Edward Gemmer's parents was paying huge legal feels to Attorney Joseph Nigh.  GAL Mary Beth Fisher was running up the tab by writing lies and passing around her corrupt interim report that was never entered into evidence.  But, they lost their case for full-custody for the father due to their outrageous lies and corruption with stolen and tampered with email communications.  On September 30, 2010, the mother and this family argued in emails over what to do about Edward's behavior, but not that he did not do it. The mother wanted him to get therapy and a period of supervised visits. She testified that she was afraid that Edward Gemmer would get 5-6 years in prison if she persued the matter.  But, the family wanted Edward Gemmer who was escalating his behavior and smirking about it, while at the same time the child was upset and complaining, to get whatever the law felt he deserved.  No one at the time of the argument knew that Edward Gemmer was illegally accessing the mother's Gmail account in 2010.  In fact, he was spying for months or maybe years before, during, and after he was accused of grey-area sexual abuse - bathroom games.  Edward Gemmer lied and said he "owned" the gmail account, but gave the mother permission to use it.  However, the mother was able to prove that she created and owned her own Gmail account.  Edward Gemmer  is aYahoo account owner and a liar.  He was pleading the Fifth repeatedly.  They were separate and living apart and getting along until he started acting weird with the child.  He was member of our family.  The stolen emails surfaced in 2011 when Joseph Nigh and Mary Beth Fisher came on the case.  When viewing the mother's private emails, Edward Gemmer was aware of everything including attorney/client correspondense pleading and unfiled documents, whatever the child said to her therapist and children service investigators.  None of this is in GAL Fisher's reports.         

Mary Beth had only met with the mother for 1-hour, and had never met or interviewed any members of our family when she concocted her crazy "recommendations" by pulling the emails from their original context and creating a false narrative that supposely was to span years of false accusations.  She made up a bunch of lies and events that did not occur.  It is was infuriating to read.  It was criminal. The Columbus police and the FBI were notified.  We filed complaints and asked for an investigation.  We are still asking for an investigation of this woman.     

In TWO Interim reports Mary Beth did not mention that Edward Gemmer's parents had beaten up the mother who was 9-months pregnant.  Joseph Nigh's law firms was also handling this case regarding domestic violence/assault charge against Gary Gemmer.  She did not mention that Edward Gemmer had removed the child from Primrose School the morning after he learned that the mother had filed an Emergency Custody Order.  Edward Gemmer had suddenly started showering with the child when she turned 4-years old.  He is refused to stop then escalated his behavior.  All he had to do was stop.   He drove my great granddaughter 2-hours away to Portsmouth to his parent's house. They were supposed keep the child there until after the mother "withdrew" her ECO motion.  This was Edward Gemmer's demand.  Yes, this is interference with custody and domestic violence, but no mention of it in Mary Beth Fisher's reports.  She was bias to the point of incompetence and against the well-being of the child.  She did it for money and referral opportunities.  The mother went to the hospital with vaginal bleeding after being thrown on her stomach 3-times by her then father-in-law.  Gary Gemmer's violent behavior against a pregnant mother was reduced to "disorderly conduct."  But he was prosecuted in Scioto County and immediately had it expunged.  The record is on this website for your viewing.  The mother refused to let it go.  None of this is in Mary Beth Fisher's GAL reports to the courts and all it involved the child.    

Gary Gemmer was restricted by Nationwide Children Hospital Advocacy Center and Franklin Children Services from being alone with my great-granddaughter.  None of this is in Mary Beth's GAL reports. You will find the police report and the sentence on this website.  SEE -ASSAULT - GARY GEMMER.  

Gary Gemmer was restricted by the court Magistrate McQuain and Magistrate Elliot from being alone with the child.  Edward Gemmer's father and his wife Kathleen Simon caused a 4-year old little girl to have 6-months of therapy when she witnessed domestic violence against her mother for the first and only time in her life.  Low class behavior by "professionals" but no where is this mentioned in Fisher's GAL reports.  This is what money can do.  Edward Gemmer was also restricted by children services from being alone with the child while being investigated for sexual abuse.  None of this is in Mary Beth's GAL reports.  

No one in this family was ever restricted or accused of wrongdoing or investigated by Columbus Police or Children Services. Edward Gemmer and his family were criminally investigated and the authorities were provided with the stolen emails.  None of this is in Mary Beth's interim reports that is filled with hurtful lies against the mother and our family.  This woman instead was running up a big bill. 

 The mother prevailed after complaints were filed by multiple witnesses against Mary Beth for lying and pleading the Fifth.  This was in 2011 and 2012. 

Edward Gemmer was found in contempt by Judge Kay Lias on July 11, 2014 for interference with custody. 

 See - Contempt - Edward Gemmer.   

Parents, you are being warned in this website because your child and custody is at risk when money is involved.  If a parent can pay enough money to get a GAL like corrupt Attorney Mary Beth Fisher, she will lie and fabricate a report. She will throw your child complaining about abuse or neglect right under the wheels of the bus.  She will taint witnesses before ECO hearings and destroy your reputation with the child's pediatrician and school, if you let her get away with it.  Do not be disarmed by this  dangerous dishonest GAL.  She is about making money and referral opportunities and not protecting children. There are other GALs doing the same thing in courtrooms around the country.  And, there are hundreds of GALS that are honorable and who maintain high standards.  You deserve one for your custody case.  Get Mary Beth Fisher off your case immediately.  


When Mary Beth was appointed to my granddaughter's divorce/custody case, she fabricated two interim reports and she plead the Fifth on the witness stand multiple times. The Franklin County case is 09-DR-4727. She then took her lying report and passed it all over the Franklin County Courts, the pediatrician's office, children services, the child's school and to the child's therapist. This is against GAL Rule 48.  The therapist, Dawn Gross caused the 2nd sexual abuse investigation of Edward Gemmer when she made multiple calls to Fairfield County Children and Family Services.  She was impeached on the witness stand when Fisher and the defense attorney Joseph Nigh tried to change the therapist's story.  Attorney Joseph Nigh also fabricated evidence. SEE TAB. What Mary Beth Fisher did was reprehensible.  No parent should have this woman appointed to their case. She is dangerous and other parents have come forth and filed complaints.

By breaking multiple GAL Rule 48, Ms. Fisher's lies and corruption caused serious errors on the bench by Magistrate Bryan Elliott that had to be rectified by the Judge Kay Lias.  Since this website was started in June of 2012 more than dozens of parents have shared how Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher lied during their divorce/custody case.  She has also received multiple Bar complaints and complaints were filed with Franklin and Delaware Domestic Courts.  


(SEE RECORD REQUEST for how to obtain, and where to send information regarding Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher's egregious, cruel, and unethical conduct.)


After months of lies and pleading the fifth, Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer agreed to a settlement in front of Judge Kay Lias. He signed a 2012 Shared Parenting Plan that he would stop theinappropriate behaviors that were brought and proven against him in court.  Franklin County Court record 09-DR-4727.

On Friday, February 24, 2012, Edward Gemmer agreed to stop doing the following inappropriate behaviors that were brought against him in court:


a. Neither party shall be intentionally nude in front of the minor child and shall not bathe
with the minor child.
b. During each party's parenting time, the minor child shall be responsible for bathing
herself and administering any topical medications as physically practical to herself.
c. Each party shall provide the minor child with her own bed in their respective residences.

a. Neither party shall be intentionally nude in front of the minor child and shall not bathe with the minor child.

b. During each party's parenting time, the minor child shall be responsible for bathing herself and administering any topical medications as physically practical to herself.

c. Each party shall provide the minor child with her own bed in their respective residences.



People around the country signed my petition to have Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher removed from Franklin and Delaware Domestic Court GAL listings. So far, judges and magistrates are saying that Fisher is "sufficient" and that they " do not have to follow her recommendations." Well this is not good enough. This woman is extremely dangerous. She uses a nice sweet and quiet voice to destroy your life. She is contaminating court cases and she is a danger to the basic well-being of children. If the court had followed Ms. Fisher's crazy retaliatory recommendations, the child's life would have been destroyed. I am very upset that this woman's lies and corrupt billing have not had her removed from practicing law. If she was removed it would cause a lawsuit as many parent would come forth.  I am fearful for other parents that are asking for help. Our family went through a lot of turmoil. But, we are a strong family.  We fought back and we exposed the lies.  We exposed Mary Beth Fisher.  I want you to be strong, too. 


Attorney/GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher has been accused by several parents of creating phony bills.  In the case with this family, she used it as a weapon to retaliate if Bar grievances were filed against her. This is what she tried to do to my granddaughter and why you are viewing this website. Absolutely, we filed Bar complaints.

In order to settle her case against Fisher in domestic court, my granddaughter agreed to pay this woman $150.00 a month. This was my granddaughter's decision But, if it had been my bill, I would have forced Fisher to prove the bill and all the strange names and questionable fees. My granddaughter did not trust Judge Lias to hold her court appointed GAL accountable. Fisher was subpoenaed by my granddaughter to bring to court several questionable items, that include final bills of other parents that had complained against her.  Fisher's secretary was also subpoenaed to explain why Fisher had billed my granddaughter at a higher rate than other parents. The original bill was $35,610.00 for 10 months of corruption. Outrageous! Then it was "reduced" a couple of times. But, the bill is still corrupt, retaliatory, and without explanation and it was NEVER filed with the courts, which is a violation of Rule 48. But, the motion was not filed correctly by my pro se granddaughter, and this was according to the judge who planned to dismiss the motion.  The mother has the option to refile her motion again, and more than likely she will do so in the future as more parents come forward. One day Fisher will be prosecuted for creating phony bills.

Stopping the corruption of divorce/custody cases by greedy guardian ad litems who care nothing about children takes courage and leadership.  


On November  15, 2013 all of the Franklin County Domestic Courts judges recused from hearing a particular case that involves GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher and one where she was removed.  Why did this happen? There are rules for judge's recusals.  It is unprecedented for all judges including the "visiting" judge to recuse from hearing a case.  Fisher was also being investigated by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel for wrong doing.  There is something very wrong with this woman and she is the subject of too much controversy.

It is a disgrace that this court-appointed GAL has damaged the integrity of Franklin County Ohio Domestic Courts.  It should not be tolerated.


During the appeal of the dismissal of one complaint against Fisher, in May of 2013, the Toledo Bar had the gall to insinuate that this egregious woman merely wanted "closure" and to "substantially reduce her fees" because she was upset about this website and a petition. Well let me tell you the absolute truth, this website and the petition DID NOT exist until after GAL/Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher tried to coerce and bully my granddaughter and this family into not filing complaints. She has also called and tried to intimidate witnesses. What is also true is that the Columbus Bar Association may have gone forward to a hearing before the Ohio Supreme Court. There have been at least 5 Bar complaints filed against this woman in the past two years. Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher has been investigated several times by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel.  One day Fisher will be held accountable and Ohio children will be much better off.   I have faith in justice.  I want you to have faith in justice as well.  I know there are good people in the legal field who care about children. 

This website is a warning to other parents to document everything and know your case from top to bottom. The truth is your only weapon against corrupt guardian ad litems such as Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.  Please file complaints with the domestic courts, Bar Associations, and then provide all documentation to the U. S. Attorney's Office.  There should be a federal investigation of this woman.        

Do not be intimidated by court appointed GAL Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.  If she is appointed to your divorce/custody case have her removed IMMEDIATELY.