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Tampa Attorney Ali Andrew Shakoor is a Courageous Child Advocate!


Not many attorneys have the courage of Tampa Attorney Ali Andrew Shakoor to stand with a sister and protect his niece from "grey-area" sexual abuse. For over 10 years, he had a stellar legal career, but due to new caselaw Florida Judge Horrox insisted on a "public reprimand."  Otherwise, the Florida Bar grievance committee lead by Chardean Mavis Hill had decided on an "admonishment" for disparaging and emotional statements about corruption in Franklin County Domestic Courts.

Ali Shakoor was confident as an attorney and wise enough to handle his case pro se. He had tremendous support, and I do not believe that Florida and Ohio Supreme Courts wanted caselaw of a "grey-area" sexual abuse case that entangled too many unethical Ohio attorneys.  Attorney Edward Gemmer's forced showering, inappropriate touching, domestic violence, and stolen and tampered with email communications deliberately taken out of context, would have made a very interesting case for the Florida Supreme Court.  


In part and signed by Florida Judge Horrox - accepting "Consent Judgment" May 29, 2014 - This is from the Florida Bar member search of Attorney Ali Andrew Shakoor:

9.22 Aggravating factors:
9.32 Mitigating factors:
(a) absence of prior discipline;
(b) absence of dishonest or selfish motive; and,
(g) character and reputation - Respondent has provided 8 character affidavits.

Ali Shakoor was only on his sister's case for a little over a month.  Ohio attorneys got protection from Judge Kay Lias, Magistrate Elliott and later by members of the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel when this family filed multiple bar complaints with evidence of corruption.  No one at the disciplinary counsel is denying the transcript of Joseph Nigh fabricating evidence.  The number one excuse by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel for not taking action, and for no accountability in Franklin County Courts for 09-DR-4727, is that "it happened in the lower court."  Then the so-called "appeal process" was deliberately contaminated.  (See filing a Complaint - ALERT)

Greed and corruption continues and Ohio children are not safe in Franklin County Domestic Courts. If a lawyer, psychologist, social worker speak up against the court or against a lawyer with connections, they can face retaliation and lose referral opportunities.  It is a disgrace.  This is why we have provided documents to the FBI for an investigation. We are asking you to do the same.

Attorney Ali Andrew Shakoor is doing well.  He remains an outstanding attorney and highly respected for his courage. He is a post-conviction attorney in Florida.  Our family is proud of him. My great granddaughter is no longer complaining of inappropriate "grey-area" sex abuse.  This child is worth all efforts to protect her well-being, safety, and happiness. 


This family has repeatedly asked for an investigation of 09-DR-4727.  We are the only ones to have filed criminal complaints and to ask for an investigation by the federal government.
Regarding the Florida Bar Committee, I remain concerned about how Chardean Mavis Hill, Florida Disciplinary Counsel filed a complaint riddled with false information against my grandson son, Ali Shakoor. She did this in an effort to support her complaint that had serious credibility problems.  Ms. Hill mistakenly relied upon information from a false grievance that Ohio Attorney Joseph Nigh had filed in the middle of a highly contested divorce/custody proceeding; and Ms Hill was using "visiting"/retired Judge Lias' Decision and Entry which was based on false information from a fabricated GAL report written by GAL/Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.  The Ohio Disciplinary Counsel, Joseph Caligiuri had outright dismissed Joseph Nigh's grievance, and  had deferred to Florida since Joseph Nigh had sent the grievance to Florida as well.  Then later Amy Stone, Ohio Disciplinary Counsel lied and said the Ohio grievance against Ali Shakoor was "temporarily dismissed." She lied and tainted the process in Florida, because Joseph Nigh sent this letter to the Florida Bar.  At the time, Amy Stone also had irrefutable evidence, transcripts of Joseph Nigh fabricating evidence when he questioned the child's therapist. After two years of complaints and appeals, Joseph Caligiuri, senior Ohio Counsel had to correct Amy Stone's letter.  This correction was sent to the Florida Bar Committee, and all other supporting documentation regarding corruption in the Franklin County Courts, and the Displinary Counsel as it relates to 09-DR-4727.
Ms. Hill had without initially investigating the merits of Nigh's grievance, she made false claims against Ali Shakoor, and was stacking on “charges” to build a case against my grandson that was based on lies and corruption from Ohio.  Ms. Hill’s unorthodox tactics against Attorney Ali Shakoor was dangerous for the well-being of my great granddaughter and other children in Ohio, Florida, and the United States.  She did not call the mother or any members of the family.  This is standard procedure when it comes to an investigation.  The mother has always had the majority parenting time.  She had a right to file criminal charges with the Columbus police and the FBI.  Grey-area sexual abuse is exactly what Edward Gemmer did to his child and he used stolen email communications in order to take the spotlight off his conduct.  I am Grannie and what happened to my great granddaughter who was asking for help was a disgrace.  
After pro se, Attorney Ali Shakoor made his case, Ms. Hill and the Florida Bar committee wanted to reduce the sanction for "emotional"and "disparaging" remarks in pleadings about corruption in Ohio to an "admonishment."  But, instead of rewriting the entire complaint for Judge Horrox to consider,  Ms. Hill, however, wrote:
9.22 Aggravating factors:
9.32 Mitigating factors:
(a) absence of prior discipline;
(b) absence of dishonest or selfish motive; and,
(g) character and reputation - Respondent has provided 8 character affidavits.

Judge Horrox may not have insisted on a public reprimand, if he had known about the corruption in Ohio and a child asking repeatedly for help. What Tampa Attoney Ali Shakoor did was courageous.  Unethical Joseph Nigh had used a bar grievance as retaliation, and to take the spotlight off his egregious conduct, and off that of Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher, and his defendant, Edward Gemmer who were pleading the FIFTH throughout the hearings.    
Furthermore, Ohio guardian ad litem/Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher was being investigated by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel and the Franklin County Domestic Courts.  There were multiple complaints from other parents, about how GAL Fisher was lying, fabricating GAL interim "reports," witness tampering, and phony bills.  These are the same issues that my daughter claimed when she tried to have Fisher removed from her divorce/custody case 09-DR-4727
There was also a motion filed by Ali Shakoor to have Joseph Nigh removed from the case because of Nigh's misuse of stolen email communications and being privy to an unfiled document.  It is irrefutable what Nigh did on the record before Magistrate Elliott, when he should have been removed by Judge Lias months earlier. 
On September 24, 2014, 09-DR-4727 settled in the mother's favor.  Edward Gemmer signed an incriminatingShared Parenting Plan prohibiting the vary issues that were brought against him.  Judge Lias forced a settlement of the case, and the mother, the primary and responsible caregiver maintained the majority parenting time. 
On November 15, 2013 all Franklin County Domestic Court Justices including “visiting” Judge Kay Lias recused from hearing a case that involved Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher.
Visiting/Retired Judge Lias wrote the "Decision and Entry" that removed Ohio pro hac vice Ali Shakoor.  It was based on false information, and this family had filed criminal charges against Joseph Nigh, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher, and Edward Gemmer for tampering with stolen email
Chardean Mavis Hill should have rewritten her formal complaint that was based on Joseph Nigh's malicious lies or never taken the Ohio case.
Judge Lias should have recused in 2009 when all other Ohio Judges in Franklin County, Ohio Domestic Courts recused because they wanted to avoid a conflict of interest.  

On July 14, 2014, Franklin County Public Defender Edward Gemmer was found in Contempt of Court by Judge Kay Lias.