Saving children from physical and sexual abuse

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Grannie Saved Her Great-Grandchild
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ASSAULT - Gary Gemmer
INCOMPETENT - Magistrate Bryan Elliott
Mary Beth Fisher Rogue guardian ad litem
Copy of Joseph Nigh's False Evidence
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Filing a Complaint - ALERT!
COURGEOUS - Tampa Attorney Ali Andrew Shakoor

Children deserve to be protected and safe


Choose a therapist that has significant experience in the area of sexual abuse. Ask if they understand the meaning of "grey-area" sexual abuse.  It is difficult to prove, but is still very damaging to your child.

Choose a therapist that cares more about your child then they do about getting insurance money, referral fees, or your co-payment. 

Choose a therapist that is not intimidated by the court system or by the other side.

Choose a therapist that will tell the truth and will speak up for your child.

Choose a therapist that will not walk the middle of the road and throw your child under the bus.